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The Seriously Cool Advantages of a Laser Keyboard

Time to Upgrade Your Desk

Technology might have advanced enough to provide us with touch screens and instant internet connection anywhere in the world, but without a keyboard, it is all pretty useless. We still need them!

But, keyboards have had a serious upgrade for the 21st Century.

Gone are the days of having a clunky, noisy keyboard clattering away as you type, these days there is something far more sophisticated. We are now in the age of the laser keyboard.

So, apart from being made from lasers (which, let’s face it, is pretty cool), what are the other advantages of this new tech?

1. Visually awesome

Your old, crumb infested, sticky keyboard has nothing on this. Seriously, how cool will you look when you whip out an attention-grabbing laser device that allows you to type on any surface?

2. Bullet-proof

Well, it’s made out of lasers, so unlike your regular keyboard, it is technically pretty damage proof! No more spills or moldy food stuck in between the keys. These awesome devices have no moving parts so they are also super easy to maintain.

3. Portable

Imagine trying to carry your conventional keyboard on the plane with you. Never going to happen! With a laser keyboard, all you need to do is keep the matchbox-sized projector in your pocket and pull it out when you need to type an email. Simple!

4. It is the future

Projecting a full-sized QWERTY keyboard on practically any surface, laser keyboards are accompanied by a keyboard sound and a built-in display screen showing your key presses in real time for faster typing on almost all Bluetooth devices.


What are you waiting for?

Join the keyboard revolution!

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