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Easy Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2018

Green Resolutions for The New Year

Well here is the new year just waiting to be filled with promises to hit the gym every day, save more money, and lay off the pizza!

But this year, instead of making resolutions that only benefit you, why not set some positive intentions that have a more global impact?

After all, cutting your carbon footprint can not only save you money but also improve the environment around you. What is not to love about that?!

Make some changes and save the planet in 2018. You know it makes sense!

Stop buying bottled water

Over 17 million barrels of oil are used every year to make plastic bottles – help to cut that figure by investing in a cool reusable one that you can take with you wherever you go.

You’ll also save a ton of money on buying water!

Ditch the plastic carriers

Keep a stash of reusable shopping bags in your car so that you’re always prepared to hit the supermarket without having to take plastic carriers home with you.

You can also reduce waste in your home by using this awesome reusable plastic wrap to keep food fresh.

Unplug chargers

Leaving chargers plugged in means there is a whole load of energy going to waste.

Reduce your energy bill by turning devices off at the wall when not in use and unplugging chargers after you’ve finished using them.

Reduce your meat intake

Becoming a part or full-time vegetarian not only means that you cut your carbon footprint down significantly but it also reduces your food bill even more!

Fix what’s broken

Instead of binning something as soon as it breaks, try fixing it or taking it to a specialist who can make it usable again.

Hop on your bike

Instead of jumping straight into the car next time you need to get somewhere, why not use your bike instead?

You will save money on fuel, reduce your carbon footprint, and get fit in the process! Bonus!

Picking one or a few of these resolutions is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint as well as reducing your expenditure! Try taking on more than one to really see the benefits.

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