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Do’s and Don’ts of Setting the Mood for Valentine’s Day

Turn up The Romance with These Top Tips

Showing your loved one you care by cooking them a meal and spending some quality time together is an increasingly popular option for many couples, not least because of the privacy that it offers!

Whether you’ve got a hot new date lined up for the weekend or you’re planning on spending the night with your long-term flame, setting the right mood is super important for making the most of this romantic day!

Follow these top tips to ensure that your evening goes super well:



Pay attention to lighting – while candles are a romantic option, they are pretty dangerous if left unattended! Use these awesome Flame-n-Bulbs to create the same warm, flicking glow of a candle with none of the associated dangers.



Use overhead lights or fluorescent bulbs, they aren’t very flattering!



Make a super long playlist of romantic songs that you won’t have to keep getting up to change so that you can focus your full attention on your other half.



Reply on the radio, adverts are quite distracting, and you have no control over the music that comes on next!



Create a menu that tantalises the senses and builds a sense of anticipation as it cooks.



Choose a menu that requires you to spend all night in the kitchen! Preparation is key, make sure everything is done in advance, so you spend minimal time away from your loved one.



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