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5 Life-Saving Hacks That You Need to Know

These Tips Could Save Your Life One Day

Sure, we all love taking a risk every now and then, but knowing how to get yourself out of a potentially life-threatening situation can mean the difference between going to hospital and going home.

So, next time you head out on that road trip or find yourself in a burning building, make sure you remember these top tips:

1. Know CPR

One of the most essential skills of all time is to know how to perform CPR. With around 400,000 people suffering from cardiac arrests every year it is super important to know how to maximise their chances of survival.

2. Don’t eat snow for hydration

Unless you are at the point where you have no other option, eating snow for hydration should be a last resort. Your body has to use a serious amount of energy to convert the snow to water so you will lose body heat in the process.

3. Stay low in a burning building

It might sound obvious but many people forget that there are ore fatalities from smoke inhalation than burns when a building is on fire. Stay low and breathe through a makeshift mask until you get to safety.

4. If you get lost, find a stream

If you find that you are wandering aimlessly with no idea of which direction to head in, following a stream or fence will inevitably bring you back to civilization.

5. Get a hand crank charger

There is nothing worse than finding yourself stranded with no battery to get help. Keeping a Lifesaving Hand Crank Phone Charger on you means that you won’t ever need to worry about running out of battery.

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