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4 Awesome Reasons to Buy a Fidget Spinner

Why Fidget Spinners Are So Awesome

You must have been living on Mars to have missed the latest fidget spinner craze! In case you aren’t up to speed, these small ball-bearing devices are held between the fingers and allow the user to rotate them, creating a relaxing sensory experience.

Seen everywhere from playgrounds to office desks, the demand for fidget spinners exploded while back and shows no signs of slowing down.

So, what is it about these little plastic toys that make them so darn appealing?

1. They are supposed to be good for helping ease symptoms of ADHD and anxiety as they use sensory play to focus non-productive energy and provide a distraction from stressful environments.

2. You can learn tricks with them. That’s right, there are a plethora of videos on YouTube demonstrating the endless possibilities of the fidget spinner! Pick a trick and work at it until you have mastered the technique!

3. They are inexpensive – which means they are easily accessible for everyone! No one is excluded from the fidget spinner craze, which is one of its most appealing attributes.

4. They help define a generation. Every generation has a toy craze – remember Tamagotchis? Koosh balls? Trolls? Fidget spinners are the latest in a long line of awesome toy predecessors, which means they will be a valuable source of nostalgia a few years down the line!

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